Senza Gluten in Forbes Italia

Senza Gluten in Forbes Italia

Another throwback for this week’s blog post – we were thrilled that Senza Gluten Restaurant was recently featured in Forbes Italia magazine! We’re honored that word about our restaurant and our commitment to the gluten free community has spread all the way to Italy! 

Translated into English – 

“A Paradise of Gluten Free Flavors”

“New York is an eccentric, fast-paced and entertainment-filled city. Food represents one of the elements that most unites New Yorkers for a dinner with friends, a romantic date or a moment to spend time with family. Precisely in this spirit, Senza Gluten was born almost ten years ago, a restaurant in the West Village entirely dedicated to people intolerant to gluten. A paradise for those who want to enjoy dishes rich in flavor, but without health concerns. The goodness of the dishes is such that Senza Gluten now also attracts people without any intolerance but simply looking for excellent food cooked to perfection. If you have gluten intolerances and at the same time want to have an authentic culinary experience full of flavor in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of the city, Senza Gluten is the perfect destination.”

Buon appetito!

The Senza Gluten Family