Menu Spotlight – Gluten Free Caesar Salad

Menu Spotlight – Gluten Free Caesar Salad

We’ve heard from many of our gluten free guests regarding their frustrations when dining out at restaurants that do not specialize in gluten free cooking – uncertain safety protocols, a general lack of awareness, limited menu options. Often the only dish they might be offered is a simple salad (hold the gluten-containing croutons, of course). So while many of our guests are often excited about our numerous pasta dishes, handmade gnocchi, or traditional Italian desserts, there is still something thrilling about being able to order a Caesar salad with gluten free croutons. 

Our classic Caesar salad features crisp romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan, gluten free croutons, and a traditional Caesar dressing. The croutons are perfectly seasoned and toasted by our experienced chefs. We also offer an option to add grilled chicken or shrimp. 

It is one of our most popular appetizers, and we hope that this seemingly “simple” salad brings you a bite full of joy.

Buon appetito!

The Senza Gluten Family