Menu Spotlight – Gluten Free Arancini

Menu Spotlight – Gluten Free Arancini

Certainly one of our most popular specials over the past year is our gluten free arancini. Featuring risotto, onions, white wine, four different kinds of cheese, GF flour, eggs, and GF bread crumbs, this classic Italian appetizer is served with both tomato sauce and a garlic and truffle oil aioli. Enjoy it with our gluten free bread basket, and refreshing glass of wine, and good company!

This special became so popular that we decided to official move it to our regular menu for guests to enjoy every day! But don’t just take our word for it. What do our guests think? –

“So delicious I had tears in my eyes!”

“Fav thing on the table! Incredible!” 

“Heaven on earth!”

Please let us know what you think when you visit! 

Buon appetito!

The Senza Gluten Family