Finding Gluten Free Inspiration in Italy 

Finding Gluten Free Inspiration in Italy 

Here at Senza Gluten in NYC, we have always been inspired by Italy. In fact, the name of our restaurant comes from the Italian phrase “senza glutine”, which translates to “without gluten.” It’s a phrase that many individuals in Italy are familiar with, as Italy is perhaps one of the best places in the world for individuals with celiac disease.

How is that possible in the land of pizza and pasta? Some might say that it stems from the culture, the joy of a shared experience at the dinner table, the love expressed through food. Those are feelings we strive to bring to every table at Senza Gluten.

Italy is arguably one of the leading countries in the world for celiac disease research. The Italian government takes celiac disease very seriously and even offers a monthly stipend for citizens with celiac to purchase gluten free food. Originally packaged gluten free food was offered in pharmacies but is now more widely available in grocery stores, as well. The Italian Celiac Association (AIC) certifies hundreds of restaurants around the country that offer gluten free options. This list is available through their app, which visitors to Italy can gain access to for a select amount of time. 

We are also inspired by the beautiful sights, the history, and of course the food. We choose to source many of our ingredients directly from Italy, and we’re currently working on new dishes that were inspired by a recent trip to Rome, Florence, Milan, and Venice. 

We hope you’ll enjoy a taste of Italy in our little corner of NYC.

Buon appetito!

The Senza Gluten Family