Ask the Owner of Senza Gluten, Teona Khaindrava – Part 1

Ask the Owner of Senza Gluten, Teona Khaindrava – Part 1

We asked on social media what questions you have for Teona Khaindrava, Senza Gluten Restaurant’s owner and co-founder. Here are just a few questions and answers!

  • “How do you make gluten free taste so good?”

I’m so glad you love our food! We focus on traditional Italian techniques and high quality ingredients, which I feel makes all the difference. Our gluten free pasta, mozzarella, and several other ingredients come straight from Italy. I have incredibly high standards when we are creating new menu items. I work closely with our team, taste testing and tweaking dishes before introducing them to our specials list. I then look forward to receiving feedback from our gluten free guests. When several diners tell me that it reminds them of a childhood meal, I know we have a winner!

  • “I want to go to culinary school and open up my own gluten free restaurant but I’m scared to fail. Do you have any advice?”

It’s okay to be nervous – starting your own business is a very big decision! The tools learned in culinary school can be incredibly valuable, but it’s also important to learn the ins and outs of operating a restaurant. I’d encourage you to work in other dedicated gluten free restaurants and talk and learn from chefs, owners, managers, servers – everyone! The world certainly needs more dedicated gluten free restaurants, and I’m wishing you all the best!

  • “Do you have plans to open other restaurants? Would love for you to come to my area!”

I would love to open another location someday. Much of my focus over the past few years has been navigating the pandemic and all of the challenges that came with it. While I truly wish that I could bring Senza Gluten to every city, I know I cannot personally be everywhere at once. I am at Senza Gluten nearly every day, doing my best to make sure each dining experience is perfect. Maintaining high quality food, a safe environing, excellent service – nothing should be compromised when opening a new location. I trust that I’ll find something that feels right, and I’ll look forward to sharing when we’re ready.

  • “I just want to say THANK YOU.”

And truly, thank YOU! Senza Gluten would not be here today without the support and love from our guests.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Ask the Owner with Teona Khaindrava!