Senza Gluten Restaurant in Vogue

Senza Gluten Restaurant in Vogue

A special throwback to last April when Senza Gluten Restaurant was featured in Vogue! Senza Gluten’s owner, Teona Khaindrava, was interviewed for the piece to talk about our gluten free pasta and offer a few tips for making pasta at home. 

Note – we do mention that the pasta used in our restaurant is corn-based and is very allergen friendly. This comment was made in reference to the pasta’s minimal ingredients (the pasta is 100% corn), so it can be a great choice for individuals who are gluten free and may have additional food restrictions. However, we are very aware that many individuals have corn allergies, which is why an alternative corn-free pasta is available at our restaurant upon request. We are also happy to offer our house-made gnocchi, which is corn-free, as well. 

Read the article, “My Search for the Perfect Gluten Free Pasta” here –

Buon appetito!

The Senza Gluten Family