Senza Gluten in the Movies – Spoiler Alert

Senza Gluten in the Movies – Spoiler Alert

A special throwback for today’s blog – Here at Senza Gluten Restaurant, we love creating a romantic atmosphere for special occasions, and we’ve witnessed many first dates. Some of these guests have later returned to celebrate their wedding anniversary with us! And we personally love movies that are filmed in NYC. Greenwich Village, in particular, is an incredibly special place to film – the old buildings, unique streets, quaint shops and restaurants. With our love of romance, NYC, and films, we’re honored that Senza Gluten was selected as the setting for the first date scene in the feature film “Spoiler Alert”.

Click below to see a special interview with Teona Khaindrava about the filming of this touching scene.

“Discover the Romantic Side of NYC Through The Locations in Spoiler Alert”

Buon appetito!

The Senza Gluten Family