Our Story

Our Story

We opened Senza Gluten Restaurant on a cozy street in Greenwich Village, NYC in 2014. From the moment we opened our doors our focus has always been on safety, beautiful food, and creating a sense of community.We understand how difficult dining out can be for individuals who have celiac disease and eat gluten-free. That’s why we maintain a firm commitment to creating a dedicated gluten-free atmosphere. From regular training with the staff, to ordering supplies, to our kitchen, to your table – everything we make is done with care, diligence, and of course love. We hope that our strict policies can help our guests feel comfortable, confident, informed and relaxed with their choice of dining.

As we worked to create our menu, our focus was on foods that the gluten-free community miss the most. Friends told us they dreamed of bread baskets, lasagna, pasta, gnocchi, and tiramisu – dishes that might be difficult to find safe gluten-free versions of. In fact, several of the dishes on our current menu are the result of special requests from our guests. We strive to create your favorite classic Italian dishes using traditional techniques and a completely gluten-free approach.

The local gluten-free community is very close to our hearts, and several of our team members have celiac disease. We’ve hosted numerous collaborations with local groups including the Celiac Disease Center of Columbia University and the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup Group. Over the years, we have loved seeing familiar faces, watching children grow up, witnessing happy proposals, and celebrating special occasions with our guests who have grown to be good friends. We’ve also had the pleasure of meeting gluten-free individuals from around the world and love listening to their stories. We believe we are all family within this community – everyone near and far.

We look forward to welcoming you with open arms and a warm smile. We truly hope that you enjoy your meal with us.