Gluten Free Cooking Tips from Senza Gluten

Gluten Free Cooking Tips from Senza Gluten

Here at Senza Gluten Restaurant, we’re often asked for recipes and cooking tips. While we aren’t able to share our recipes at this time, we’re happy to offer a few cooking tips from our kitchen to yours!

Mushy pasta? Try a corn-based alternative – We sometimes hear from guests that gluten free pasta can be tricky to cook at home, especially when pasta gets mushy in the pot and sticks together. We tried many different types of pasta before landing on our current 100% corn pasta from Italy, and we find the texture to be excellent. Be sure to stir your pasta frequently and be careful not to overcook. (For friends with a corn allergy and wish to dine with us, we’re happy to offer a corn-free pasta alternative along with our corn-free gnocchi – please inquire with your server)

Elevate your meal with fresh, high quality ingredients – When asked about the secret to our gluten free dishes, we often highlight our focus on traditional Italian techniques and fresh, high quality ingredients. We do believe that the quality of the ingredients make all the difference when preparing sauces from scratch. If you have not tried making a simple tomato sauce with San Marzano tomatoes, we highly recommend trying it and tasting the difference for yourself!

Short on time? Try a cream-based pasta sauce – Life can certainly get busy, especially here in NYC. While certain red sauces and more labor intensive dishes like lasagna can take several hours to make (we’re happy to do that work for you!), cream-based sauces can be made much faster and will surely impress your guests!

Buon appetito!

The Senza Gluten Family