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Gluten-Free ?

We are aware that being celiac or choosing a gluten-free diet can sometimes be challenging, especially when dining out. At Senza Gluten we want to make sure your dining experience is perfect and safe by guaranteeing a 100% gluten-free cuisine.




Italian food is an all time favorite, however, it is characterized by foods like pasta & pizza. At Senza Gluten we want to bring the best Italian dishes to the table using a completely gluten-free approach.


The Chef


chef Jemiko

After all of my research in the past year, including studies and asking what gluten-free people would like to eat and what they are missing, I came to my decision. I decided to create the gluten-free Italian menu to focus on this incredible, delicious food that I learned from many executive chefs in this wonderful country. A gluten-free Italian menu does not have to miss out on flavor, texture, or delicious options. This is how I got to the point where I am now with my new Senza Gluten restaurant.

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GREAT Kitchen – National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

ServSafe Certification – National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

AllerTrain Certificate – AllerTrain Food Allergy & Gluten Free Training for Food Service

Completed the Food Allergy Conference for Restaurants & Food-Service Professionals 2014